does radon cause wrinkles? let's find out

War on Wrinkles!!!

Goes to show you, you can’t believe every sign you see on the highway, exit here for the fountain of youth, if only it were true!

Let’s face it ladies, we worry about wrinkles! We spend $$$ on treatments, products, vitamins etc. to help eliminate the signs of aging.  We exercise our body, we even exercise our facial muscles which is quite entertaining. We lather ourselves in lotion
day and night.  So  what is the invisible wrinkle?  RADON

Imagine radon in your home, unless you are holding your breath while in your house, the radon alpha particles are attacking your lungs,  changing your DNA…making wrinkles so to say. These wrinkles are not visible from the outside, so why do we care???

Radon causes LUNG CANCER! In fact it is the #1 cause of lung cancer among non smokers!

Just sayin…the cost of a radon system will get you maybe 6 facials. Girls, don’t give up all those wonderful facials, maybe just 6, one here, one there and before you know it you have the $$$ to have a radon system installed in your home!

We do need to pamper ourselves though, so the next time you indulge try the hydra facial…it is amazing!


Love your family and yourself!   Be a happy camper above ground!



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