Fearless on Two Wheels

Dauntless to Intimidated

No-holds-barred, fearless, on my game, once was the tomboy, now eyes wide open!

I passed the motorcycle class. Yeah! Check out craigslist, buy a bike, be a motorcycle mama! I think I had on my rose colored glasses that day!

Putting the rubber to the road I racked up a total of 27 miles. I traveled my street from one end to the other, which consisted of a cul-de-sac at each end.  I dug deep for the confidence to venture out into the jungle where all the other vehicles lay in wait. I could feel that yellow streak creeping up the back of my bike jacket at the mere thought of traveling into the unknown. I chose Plan B.   Post on craigslist, sell bike, ride the chick seat!

Life is always how you handle Plan B…riding on the chick seat is awesome!

High alert,  school is out!  Be aware on your journeys from here to there and back! Keep safety a high priority!

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