Robin Slentz (A.K.A. "Robin Radon" of Mid America Radon.

About Us

My name is Robin. My husband Bill and I founded Mid America Radon in 1987. We love what we do, but we’re more than just what we do. We love traveling, going to the lake, live music and dancing. We love, family, friends, dogs, pets, great food and new things too.

We also like telling stories – and we’ll share a few here.

We’re good at testing for radon and mitigating radon – to help protect our clients and their families, friends and clients. We’d like to be the ones you call when you need a radon test or a mitigation system installed. You can read all about that official company stuff here.

We live and work in the Kansas City area, but people call us from all across the middle of America. When you call, we’ll come and do the radon testing and removal. Unless you are East of the Mississippi, within sight of the Rockies, in Big Ten country or you call yourself a Texan. Then we will refer you!


Looking forward to helping you with all things radon-related.

Robin “Robin Radon” Slentz
(913) 469-1997
Mid America Radon Testing and Mitigation

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You can't see radon, you can't smell it either, but you can test for it.