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baby robin

Final Chapter, Protecting Your Stompin Grounds!

Actually I did not intend to write a final chapter to my blog post “Protecting Your Stompin Grounds”  but I could not resist.  This story is non fiction with a small amount of assumption on my part…I’m good at that!   Also it has a happy ending!

To begin where I left off would be to say the male Robin did in fact flourish feeling triumphant over his nemesis. How do I know? A week or two following the male robin drama I walked through the house to unlock the patio door, looked down and there was a baby robin looking at his reflection in the door .   He was lost and thirsty with no parents around to take care of him.   I ran to the kitchen sink and got a bowl of water and a syringe.  I pulled out my syringe,  filled it with water and bent down over the little guy,  he opened his mouth wide and drank the water,  3x.   A loud ruckus arose in close proximity, guess those parents were around after all.   At this point I decided to relinquish my babysitting job,  but the good sitter that I am,  I kept close watch.

The baby robin made his way up a piece of wood onto the top of our smoker where his mommy started to come and feed him and his daddy kept watch.  He was still there in the morning,  mommy still feeding him.  I checked again around 1200.  He had made his way into the yard. I was frightened so I was hoping he would get on the rail of the split rail fence,  he did just that.  His mom and I were on the same page, of course.  When he was not on the fence later that afternoon,  I am sure mommy had directed him to go to the huge pine tree where the branches are low to the ground so he could hop and flutter from branch to branch and take cover for nightfall was coming soon.
I know this because mommy and I were on the same page.

Happy Ending!

Mommy and Daddy robin were successful in protecting their family and stompin grounds.  We humans must protect our family and our stompin grounds!

Mid America Radon is certified to help you with your radon issues, not so much your robin issues!


Milo is the happiest dog!


Just like the Kenny Chesney song says…we all want to go to heaven, just don’t wanna go right now!

Look at that cute face, that is Milo.   I cannot express how much he is missed everyday.  June 4, 2014 marked one year ago Milo, went to wait for us on the rainbow bridge. There were very few places Milo did not accompany me, on foot, in vehicle, on lawn mower,  even on the seadoo! Milo made me smile, laugh and relax.

Whether canine or human, we try to keep our family members safe and healthy.

Yes, sadly, death is imminent, but we can all work towards putting it on the back burner.

There is still a high percentage of non believers regarding radon or maybe they are fatalists. I am not using the term fatalist in a derogatory way,  I’ve been called that before. Sometimes we take risks, rock climbing, paragliding, sky diving, to experience the extreme. I get it!

Lung cancer is not an adrenaline rush. Install a radon system, no worries mon!

I urge you to visit the website and listen to the family members of the people who have or have had radon induced lung cancer.

Radon is the #1 cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Remember you can protect your family from radon!

The 2014 International Radon Symposium is September 28 – October 1 in Charleston, South Carolina. Included in the highlights will be the discussion of the continuing radon research, more than 26 scientific abstracts were submitted by scientists from 8 countries. Radon research is not diminishing.


Fearless on Two Wheels

Dauntless to Intimidated

No-holds-barred, fearless, on my game, once was the tomboy, now eyes wide open!

I passed the motorcycle class. Yeah! Check out craigslist, buy a bike, be a motorcycle mama! I think I had on my rose colored glasses that day!

Putting the rubber to the road I racked up a total of 27 miles. I traveled my street from one end to the other, which consisted of a cul-de-sac at each end.  I dug deep for the confidence to venture out into the jungle where all the other vehicles lay in wait. I could feel that yellow streak creeping up the back of my bike jacket at the mere thought of traveling into the unknown. I chose Plan B.   Post on craigslist, sell bike, ride the chick seat!

Life is always how you handle Plan B…riding on the chick seat is awesome!

High alert,  school is out!  Be aware on your journeys from here to there and back! Keep safety a high priority!

Is riding a horse and texting dangerous?

Riding and Texting???

This does not directly correlate to radon, but I had to share a humorous relationship between the old and the new.

While traveling down the highway the other day, I witnessed the past meeting the present.   A cowgirl on a horse texting.   haha

I was too far away to tell if what she was holding in her hand was the latest and best iPhone  or if the cowgirl had a six- shooter strapped to her. The horse was at a full stop, along the outside of the corral watching for conflicting traffic.

We could take lessons from that horse and cowgirl. If that horse had been trotting or galloping the cowgirl might have lost her phone or worse, fell off.   Fortunately the horse was the driver, so to speak.

Perhaps we should file this under uncommon dangers.

Anti Radon Robin

Protecting Your Stompin’ Grounds

I am a lover of all creatures big and small, wild and tame. A dead animal in the road, I apologize for the unfortunate demise of that creature.
When I can, all bugs are captured and released. Yes, I am overboard!

The first morning, afternoon and early evening I didn’t think much of the robin attacking his reflection in the window. The next couple of days he would find wax paper,
foil streamers, blue painter’s tape, nothing worked, we even found him peeking around the obstacles to find the other male robin. My emotions had changed from sad to
perplexed to annoyed. He was persistent, after all, he was protecting his mate, their nest and their soon to arrive babies. After two weeks, he is gone.
I can’t help but wonder if the window decor gave him the feeling of victory or defeat. The male robin could see his nemesis, so to speak, and wanted only to protect.

For the most part, we as humans want to protect our mate, our children, our home. Sometimes, we can not see our nemesis. Radon is not visible and does not have an
odor, it is our danger, testing for it is the only sure way of finding if it is invading your home and harming your family.

Just like the robin we must protect our stompin’ grounds and those we love!

We will help you with any radon issues, we look forward to talking to you!