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Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. Each season has its own special relationship with the radon business. Apologies to Jim Croce.

grandparents, people that I loved

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

It’s all about the love!

Chocolate and flowers are good…let’s think of something more…he/she comes home, holds your hand and says,

I wanna make you smile whenever you’re sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
I’ll get you medicine when your tummy aches
Build you a fire when the furnace breaks
In our home you will feel safe
A radon system you will embrace
All I Wanna Do Is Grow Old With You!!!

“The Wedding Singer” is a great Valentine’s Day movie! I’m sure all you hopeless romantics recognized those lyrics. Of course, I added a couple of lines.

Install a Radon System in your home, keep your loved ones safe, grow older together!

Just a little info on the photo…this is my Grandma & Grandpa Jim. Back in the day, it would have been seen as falling in love late in life. They were the picture of love!!!
They began traveling in an RV, then opened a gift shop, “Vans”, in Stover,  MO.  Believe it not,  people from all over the world traveling to the Ozarks, Branson, and Table Rock Lake stopped at their shop to by souvenirs. What they didn’t know, they were also going to be entertained. Grandma played the organ/piano, moving with
the music from one end of the piano bench to the other, while Grandpa Jim sang and interacted with the audience. They put on quite the show!!!
When I think of love, they immediately come to my heart!!!

baby robin

Final Chapter, Protecting Your Stompin Grounds!

Actually I did not intend to write a final chapter to my blog post “Protecting Your Stompin Grounds”  but I could not resist.  This story is non fiction with a small amount of assumption on my part…I’m good at that!   Also it has a happy ending!

To begin where I left off would be to say the male Robin did in fact flourish feeling triumphant over his nemesis. How do I know? A week or two following the male robin drama I walked through the house to unlock the patio door, looked down and there was a baby robin looking at his reflection in the door .   He was lost and thirsty with no parents around to take care of him.   I ran to the kitchen sink and got a bowl of water and a syringe.  I pulled out my syringe,  filled it with water and bent down over the little guy,  he opened his mouth wide and drank the water,  3x.   A loud ruckus arose in close proximity, guess those parents were around after all.   At this point I decided to relinquish my babysitting job,  but the good sitter that I am,  I kept close watch.

The baby robin made his way up a piece of wood onto the top of our smoker where his mommy started to come and feed him and his daddy kept watch.  He was still there in the morning,  mommy still feeding him.  I checked again around 1200.  He had made his way into the yard. I was frightened so I was hoping he would get on the rail of the split rail fence,  he did just that.  His mom and I were on the same page, of course.  When he was not on the fence later that afternoon,  I am sure mommy had directed him to go to the huge pine tree where the branches are low to the ground so he could hop and flutter from branch to branch and take cover for nightfall was coming soon.
I know this because mommy and I were on the same page.

Happy Ending!

Mommy and Daddy robin were successful in protecting their family and stompin grounds.  We humans must protect our family and our stompin grounds!

Mid America Radon is certified to help you with your radon issues, not so much your robin issues!


Sailors Father's Day

Celebrating Our Dads

I hope everyone had a memorable Father’s Day!  Whether it was spending time with your Dad or recalling fond memories.

Flag Day,  June 14, 2014,  I was fortunate to be invited to the retirement celebration of a friend,  CWO 4 David L Miller,  United States Navy.  I’ve known David since 9th grade.

In my heart,  I knew David was the best of the best,  but to hear it from a captain and an admiral of the United States Navy was grand. To witness the reading of “Old Glory”  and the “Passing of the Flag” was enlightening.

David’s heartfelt acknowledgement to his three daughters,  the ladies in wait,  for their great courage and understanding during the times he was unable to be there for them,  while he was serving his country for all of us,  was very touching.

Yes,  this day,  Flag Day,  June 14,  2014,  the day before Father’s Day, I sat watching David with his daughters and many happy memories of my Dad came rushing to my heart.  For this day marked 19 years since I lost my Dad,  Warren J Ratty,  on Wednesday,  June 14,  1995.  I love and miss him!  Semper Fi

Dads are special,  they listen to us,  they believe in us when we sometimes don’t believe in ourselves,  their love is unconditional!   I see that everyday in my husband.  He is always there for his sons and I am so proud of him!

Always remember,  LIFE LOVES YOU!

Install a Radon System,  better to be safe than sorry!

Anti Radon Robin

Protecting Your Stompin’ Grounds

I am a lover of all creatures big and small, wild and tame. A dead animal in the road, I apologize for the unfortunate demise of that creature.
When I can, all bugs are captured and released. Yes, I am overboard!

The first morning, afternoon and early evening I didn’t think much of the robin attacking his reflection in the window. The next couple of days he would find wax paper,
foil streamers, blue painter’s tape, nothing worked, we even found him peeking around the obstacles to find the other male robin. My emotions had changed from sad to
perplexed to annoyed. He was persistent, after all, he was protecting his mate, their nest and their soon to arrive babies. After two weeks, he is gone.
I can’t help but wonder if the window decor gave him the feeling of victory or defeat. The male robin could see his nemesis, so to speak, and wanted only to protect.

For the most part, we as humans want to protect our mate, our children, our home. Sometimes, we can not see our nemesis. Radon is not visible and does not have an
odor, it is our danger, testing for it is the only sure way of finding if it is invading your home and harming your family.

Just like the robin we must protect our stompin’ grounds and those we love!

We will help you with any radon issues, we look forward to talking to you!