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Sailors Father's Day

Celebrating Our Dads

I hope everyone had a memorable Father’s Day!  Whether it was spending time with your Dad or recalling fond memories.

Flag Day,  June 14, 2014,  I was fortunate to be invited to the retirement celebration of a friend,  CWO 4 David L Miller,  United States Navy.  I’ve known David since 9th grade.

In my heart,  I knew David was the best of the best,  but to hear it from a captain and an admiral of the United States Navy was grand. To witness the reading of “Old Glory”  and the “Passing of the Flag” was enlightening.

David’s heartfelt acknowledgement to his three daughters,  the ladies in wait,  for their great courage and understanding during the times he was unable to be there for them,  while he was serving his country for all of us,  was very touching.

Yes,  this day,  Flag Day,  June 14,  2014,  the day before Father’s Day, I sat watching David with his daughters and many happy memories of my Dad came rushing to my heart.  For this day marked 19 years since I lost my Dad,  Warren J Ratty,  on Wednesday,  June 14,  1995.  I love and miss him!  Semper Fi

Dads are special,  they listen to us,  they believe in us when we sometimes don’t believe in ourselves,  their love is unconditional!   I see that everyday in my husband.  He is always there for his sons and I am so proud of him!

Always remember,  LIFE LOVES YOU!

Install a Radon System,  better to be safe than sorry!

does radon cause wrinkles? let's find out

War on Wrinkles!!!

Goes to show you, you can’t believe every sign you see on the highway, exit here for the fountain of youth, if only it were true!

Let’s face it ladies, we worry about wrinkles! We spend $$$ on treatments, products, vitamins etc. to help eliminate the signs of aging.  We exercise our body, we even exercise our facial muscles which is quite entertaining. We lather ourselves in lotion
day and night.  So  what is the invisible wrinkle?  RADON

Imagine radon in your home, unless you are holding your breath while in your house, the radon alpha particles are attacking your lungs,  changing your DNA…making wrinkles so to say. These wrinkles are not visible from the outside, so why do we care???

Radon causes LUNG CANCER! In fact it is the #1 cause of lung cancer among non smokers!

Just sayin…the cost of a radon system will get you maybe 6 facials. Girls, don’t give up all those wonderful facials, maybe just 6, one here, one there and before you know it you have the $$$ to have a radon system installed in your home!

We do need to pamper ourselves though, so the next time you indulge try the hydra facial…it is amazing!


Love your family and yourself!   Be a happy camper above ground!



Goodbye old blog, Hello new blog!

Hello world! (Once again)

The blog is dead. Long Live The Blog!Goodbye old blog, Hello new blog!

Just as the olden days when a monarch was ‘departed’, ‘deported’, etc. the masses acknowledged the change briefly mentioning the ‘old’ and then exuberatantly celebrating the ‘new’!

That’s what we’re going to do.

Somehow our old blog cease of quality function. Perhaps radon got to it??


We’re going to have some fun, tell some stories and provide some expertise and information along the way.

Send us emails! Comment on our posts. Tell your friends!

Mostly, thanks for stopping by and reading our posts. If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, just send them to us at midamericaradon@gmail.com.


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