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Mid America Radon Testing, Inc. provides radon testing and mitigation to clients in greater Kansas City and the Midwest since 1987. midamericaradon.com.

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Radon Testing Guide - Procedures for Occupants of Home

Certain conditions must be maintained for the testing environment in order to ensure a valid test takes place and that an accurate reading(s) can be taken for analysis. If the house is occupied, a responsible adult occupant will need to agree to maintain these conditions listed below to provide an ideal environment during the testing period.

The following procedures must be followed carefully - failure to do so may result in invalid test results. Also note that time is especially important for tests conducted for a potential real estate contract, which has a small window of time to allow the buyer to conduct inspections on the home.

Occupants please adhere to these procedures:

  1. Make sure that windows and doors are kept closed for at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time for conducting the radon test - and for the duration of the test period. If our inspector arrives for the appointment and finds open doors and windows in the testing area - then no test will be performed.
  2. We understand that doors may need to be opened by occupants for normal living access (entering and exiting) during the test, but windows must be kept closed at all times (due to the fact that open windows are known to both raise or lower radon levels).
  3. Make sure that no interference takes place with the radon detectors / testing devices. There can be no touching, covering, moving or altering the performance of any of the detectors or control devices (which are placed with detectors to help ensure non-interference of testing apparatus).
  4. Do not operate any attic fans or 'whole house' fans.
  5. Refrain from using any fireplaces or wood stoves, as well make sure that all dampers are kept closed as they are not in use.
  6. It is okay to run your HVAC as you normally would.
  7. Make sure to turn off any non-essential equipment that supplies fresh air to the home. An exception would be devices that provide vented supply air to any combustion appliance.
  8. It is okay to use your dryer, range hood, bathroom fans in a normal fashion. Exhaust fans or and vented air for a combustion appliance may increase negative pressure in the home, which can raise or lower any radon concentration (and compromise the integrity of the test).
  9. We may ask that the responsible occupant (or representative) provide a signature to verify that we have clearly explained these necessary 'closed house' conditions prior to conducting the test, and that the necessary conditions explained herein were adhered to for at least 12 hours prior to - and during the entire testing period.

We look forward to helping you ensure that your home and family are free of dangers from radon.

Please call with any questions,

Bill & Robin Slentz
Mid America Radon
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