Radon Testing & Mitigation Company in the Greater Kansas City area

Mid America Radon, Inc.

Mid America Radon Testing, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Bill Slentz as radon was first entering the public eye. Mid American Radon Testing, Inc continues providing world-class service to this day as Mike Kubas, who has worked alongside Bill for 25 years, has begun to run operations. 

Mid America Radon is listed with the National Environmental Health Association as a participant in the National Radon Proficiency Program as a Mitigation and Measurement Provider.

We perform laboratory analysis for many of the Home Inspection and Environmental Companies across the United States, as well as provide radon testing for various school districts in Kansas and Missouri. Mid America Radon installs radon mitigation systems and performs radon testing in the greater Kansas City area. We also install radon systems in the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma. We pride ourselves in the contractor field, installing radon reduction systems for thousands of satisfied customers.

Mid America Radon endorses and strictly adheres to all EPA guidelines and mitigation recommendations. We offer a written guarantee that any radon removal system installed by Mid America Radon will comply with EPA Guidelines. Your satisfaction is our primary priority.

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How We Measure Radon Levels

One method we use is the Activated Charcoal (AC) passive testing device(s) that measures levels of radon concentrations in the air. During the test, radon gas diffuses passively into the device. After the testing period is completed (min. 48hrs), we collect the testing devices and deliver them to the lab for analysis. These devices are inexpensive and appropriate for testing residential and commercial buildings.

Another method is the Continuous Monitor Radon device (CRM) an active testing device, will provide a printout displaying hourly readings and calculate the average.

An additional method, the Alpha Track Radon device (AT) is a passive testing device and is used for long term testing.

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